VFW Salutes Army, Air Force for Reimbursing Spouse Relicensing Costs

Al Lipphardt, National Council of Administration Member - Georgia 2018-2022 - 5/17/2019

WASHINGTON (May 17, 2019) – The Army and Air Force announced new programs this week that will reimburse military spouse relicensing and recertification costs if a permanent change of station moves them across state lines. Both services will reimburse qualifying fees of up to $500 if authenticated on or after Dec. 12, 2017.


"This is a tremendous quality of life initiative,” said VFW National Commander B.J. Lawrence. Citing Defense Department data that puts the military spouse unemployment rate at 24 percent and underemployed rate at 31 percent, Lawrence said that any initiative that helps ease the stress of rotating assignments every few years is going to have a tremendous impact not only on military recruiting but on retention, as well.


"The old adage that you recruit individuals but retain families is entirely true,” he said. "Our military has been actively engaged since the beginning of Operation Desert Shield in 1990, and with still no end in sight. The services must explore all avenues to keep the troops and their families happy, and this great initiative is something I hope the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard quickly emulate.”


Learn more about the Army program here https://www.army.mil/standto/archive_2019-05-15, and more about the Air Force program here https://www.af.mil/…/air-force-to-pay-up-to-500-for-spouse…/.

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